Sports Medicine Acupuncture

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What is Sports Medicine Acupuncture?

Combined with a specialized root treatment, Sports Medicine Acupuncture treats pain, biomechanic dysfunction and can increase athletic performance. This system is a holistic approach, as it addresses the surface signs as well as the internal issues that contribute to pain and athletic performance. Depending on the person, Sports Medicine may also include Tuina Massage, Kinesiology taping and/or cupping.

How Does it Work?

Needles are inserted into muscle trigger and motor points and stimulated. This helps reinnervates the nervous and muscular system, allowing tight muscles to release and underactive muscles to engage. This can help fix instability throughout the body.

How many treatments will I need?

It varies patient to patient, I recommend 3-6 weekly visits depending on physical activity, lifestyle, pain and goals. I recommend maintenance visits once a month to once every six weeks to maintain results.

What are the risks?

Patients may experience an ache with insertion and a muscle twitch response. A small amount of bruising or slight swelling may occur. A light ache similar to the pain felt after a workout may occur. but should dissipate with time.


I will be sending you home with a yoga corrective exercises, diet changes and lifestyle suggestions.

Hours Sunday: 8:30am – 4pm | Tuesday: 2:30pm – 8pm | Friday: 8:30am – 6pm
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