You’re here for a reason. We’re here to answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and lead you on a self-cultivating journey. We’re here to help guide you to a more fulfilling life, where you can enjoy the things you love and connect with yourself and those you care about most. At Rooted Acupuncture & Wholebeing, we aim to be a conduit of change for patients’ health and well-being- helping patients find the best version of themselves, so they can live a happier, healthier life. We will work together with Acupuncture, alternative therapies (including cupping, magnetic therapy, moxa, gua sha, LED light therapy, dry needling), yoga corrective exercises, diet and lifestyle changes to get and keep you well. East Asian Medicine takes into account all the aspects of you to help create the best version of yourself.
Be Our Valentine!

Join us the afternoons of February 13th (with Heather) & 14th (with Lexy) for a couples Acupuncture & Cupping session!
Come in with your spouse, your partner or anyone else you love (or can tolerate for a short period) and receive cupping and acupuncture as well as a special holistic goodie bag from us!

If your partner hasn’t been to Acupuncture for an Initial Intake and Treatment, they can still join you for a relaxing session.

Learn how to build a successful and sustainable Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation practice.

Do you struggle with maintaining a daily yoga practice? Have you always wanted to start a practice, but get intimidated? Are you afraid of getting injured during a regular class because of past injury or compensation patterns?

These classes will be centered around longevity of mind, body and spirit. Class will end with a wellbeing acupuncture treatment for those who consent. Masks and waiver forms are required.



218 Shrewsbury Street, Suite 105B, Worcester, MA 01604

Location 218 Shrewsbury Street Suite 105b Worcester, MA 01604 Phone 508-233-3397 E-mail Info@RootedWholebeing.com Hours Sunday: 9am – 4pm | Monday: 3pm – 8pm | Tuesday: 4pm – 8pm | Wednesday: 3pm – 8pm | Friday: 9am – 6pm

Lexy will be on Maternity Leave until June 2022. Scheduling for regular clients is open now, scheduling for new patients will open May 1st. Please visit our scheduling site if you need to schedule or email Info@RootedWholebeing.com.

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